Art Advisory

Private / Museum / Corporate

Paradigm Art offers guidance and direction along each step of the art acquisition process, whether brought in at an early stage of residential construction, or skillfully incorporated into a newly completed interior design project. Paradigm Art aims to assemble a private art collection that suits personal tastes and enhances one’s living environment all within budget. 

Art Fair

Paradigm ART has been participating in various art fairs throughout the years such as New York’s Armory and Miami’s Art Basel.  Our goal is to successfully promote young, local and international talents. Through our efforts, many works have not only been purchased for private and corporate collections, but also for the purpose of many global curatorial projects.


Paradigm Art gives lectures on diversified topics such as “current art trends” and “art business” to various target audiences such as: students, young professionals and CEO groups (both working in cultural and finance industries).  We are now further developing and extending our educational lecture series to parents and children, recognizing the importance of family art programs and realizing the crucial role art and culture play in bridging cultures among New York, Asia and Europe.

  • Artist & Dealer’s Talk at Networking for Professionals, New York
  • Asian American Entrepreneur Today at Columbia University, New York
  • Korean American Women Entrepreneur’s Success Story at Morgan Stanley, New York
  • Arts & Entertainment Panel at New York University, New York
  • Korean Art Market Series at Korean Cultural Services, New York
  • New York's Art Market Now at Korea University, Seoul
  • Creative Entrepreneurship in New York at Hong-Ik University, Seoul
  • Design Entrepreneur's Spirit, Ewha Womans University